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Tournament Rules

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  • 2 – 12 Minute Periods.  3 Minute Warm Up. 1 Minute Intermission.  Stop Time final 2 minutes with 2 goals or less differential.  Standings Tie Breaker: Head to Head, Wins, GA, GD, GF, then Coin Toss.  Ties during round robin playoff: 5 minute OT then Shoot Out. Games may start up to 30 minutes early.


  • Age cut off as of December 31, 2019.   Girls may play down one year in age. Playing Rules are guided by USARS. See for more detailed information.

Roster Guidelines

  • Players and Teams must play in their respective Skill Level(s).  Teams may be asked to remove players from their team if it deemed an individual(s) are playing at the wrong level.  All players must be on the roster to participate in the tournament. Roster must be complete and final prior to 1st game.  Waivers must be complete prior to 1st game.

MANDATORY Coach/Manager Check-In at least One (1) hour prior to 1st game.  Waivers and Roster Forms are available online under the Programs Section at and the registration section on the Give Blood Play Hockey website at

ZERO Tolerance

  • Any conduct unbecoming of the game or any fighting from players or participants, will NOT be tolerated and will result in automatic expulsion of tournament participation at the discretion of the tournament directors.